Yep! I'm working on it.....


I have been working on some new songs and a few are now up on my web page,
"Burning Down This Road" is the fisrt song I have released and recorded in some time.
Life has been getting in the way of recording but I have recently been making more tie to focus on music and get some new songs out there. "If It's Not Me - It's Gotta Be You" will be coming shortly as I am putting the final touches on it. I hope you enjoy the new songs.

Trio Plays for Sick Kids Hospital

Lots of New Gigs

We have been booking some gigs, We now play once per month at the Break Room as the Trio, I play every other week Acousticlly at the break room.

We have some bar gigs coming along with some private partys as well.

Hope to see you all at the gigs .

NEW CD????

There has been alot of questions about a new CD......
I have been writing songs, I have recorded a couple and even put some songs up on the website. at this time I will not rule out another CD but I have no immediate plans. Though we will continue playing all over and may even start playing some if the new songs live so don't miss coming out to see us.

Nowhere To Go : Released

Nowhere to go the 3rd album has been released. it is available now on itunes, just search for Doug Clayfield. It features 15 original tracks, all recorded by myself. This Cd was released at the Centre In The Square in fornt of a great crowd.

Online Store Launch!!!

I have launched our online store, I will be adding more merchandise as time goes by, for right now only "I stand on my own" can be purchased online. However "where i'm goin'" is in the process of being available online. check out the store lots of good stuff!!!!! check it out here!!!!!


The new album "Nowhere to go" is well in the process, I have been working hard to get it done at this time I am looking at a June release, right now there are 13 songs and I have been working on artwork, hope to see some samples up on website soon.

The Doug Clayfield Trio

alot of people have asked me over the years what makes Doug Clayfield and the Doug Clayfield trio unique what are our gimmiks? what do we do that makes us different? My simple answer is there is no gimmiks, we play straight rock and have a good fun time doing it, be it one of our original tunes or one of our cover songs we have fun playing them. We also don't believe in playing the CD, all of the songs we play have been made into the Doug Clayfield trio version of the song, after all if you wanted to listen to the CD you could have just used the CD player.

Another thing I have been asked is why we are a trio. The Doug Clayfield Band was originally a five piece band with keyboards and a second guitar player, when I strippe dthe badn down to a trio something happened that was unexpected to me the songs became more raw and more in your face, the playing of each player was taken to a new level and the trio was born. I loved playing in a five piece band but I love the trio, and for now I have no plans on changing the trio to anything larger.

NEW CD !!!!!!!!!!

The new CD is in the works, it will have 13 - 15 songs on it and will feature "I can't wait to get you home" "This old TV" and "Night of Nights". Hopefully I will be able to start adding small samples on this webpage soon.

Rockin' The Opera House

On March 26th we headed to the Opera House to play a showcase for Universal Records. We played a good set to a very receptive crowd. We had a good sing along during "I feel so high" and had good crowd response throughout the whole evening. Thanks to all those who made the drive to Toronto to support us.

For pictures of the evening click here

Hard Rock Cafe

On Friday January 29th the Doug Clayfield Trio Played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, we played to a good crowd and received an excellent response. We all had a good time and look forward to Rockin' the Hard Rock again sometime. Thanks goes out to all the fans who made the trip to see us play, it was great to have your support.

I have posted some pictures here

New CD Title

as I have been working on the new CD I have a Title. and at this time there are about 12 new songs. "Nowhere to go" is being worked on and watch for news of its upcoming release. I am hoping there will be a web page preview prior to it's release.

New Site / New CD

I have recreated, this has been a work long in progress as I try to make it easier to update and keep up to date. The new gigs page will always be updated as it will now pull dates from reverbnation along with form facebook. I no longer have to manually update them - Cool!!!!
There will soon be a members only area, membership will be free and available to everyone, this area will include exclusive stuff like new songs, new videos and maybe some interviews.
The new CD is underway and I have been writinga nd recording thoughout the summer, there is no working name right now as I am trying to decide on a name. hopefully I will have more on that soon