Doug Clayfield

At only 12 years old, Doug went out and bought his first six string and there was no turning back. It was the summer of ’91 when Bryan Adams released his album ‘Waking up the Neighbours’ and got Doug hooked on creating music. Bound and determined to write and perform his own material, Doug wrote and recorded his work throughout high school and college, penning well over 50 songs with his writing style being influenced by the likes of Bryan Adams, The Eagles, Colin James, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the legendary Eric Clapton.
Doug has played many performances over the years, but always wanted that ‘little bit more’. With the release of his first CD ‘Where I’m Goin’ in 2007 Doug’s music topped the charts on the local radio station. This combined with the addition of band mates with the same passion for music that he himself has, Doug has started playing gigs in the Tri-Cities and always fills the house with a great crowd. They have quickly become a favorite of many, appealing to those of all ages.
With the release of his second CD ‘I Stand On My Own’ Doug has made an impact on the local Indie scene and is known as a hard working musician. Doug Clayfield and his Trio is a Badn to watch out for in the coming months.

Josh Daws

Josh started playing bass with the band in 2013, a last minute fill in Josh learned a whole bunch of songs in a really short time, since then Josh has settled into the band and now is the solid bottom end. Josh also lends his voice to come back up vocals here and there, and the odd wookie sound.

Craig Ritchie

Craig is the young one of the trio, but his beard makes up for it, not to mention his rock solid drmming. Craig has been a great addition to the band and I hope he stays with the band for a long time...