Latest albums

Where I'm Goin'

My first album this took me about 10 years to write and 2 years to record. It was a relief to finally have released this. I had been writing this CD starting in high school and always had to put it on hold for the other stuff that comes up. Released originally in 2004.

On My Way

This album was different for me, I was in a different place emotionally, I wasn't even planning a CD it just happened. I belive this CD to be my best work, all of the songs were written in a short amount of time and were written from the heart. Released in 2017.

The Way I Feel About Christmas

This was a Christmas siong I wrote, I hadn't recorded it yet so in 2008 I sat down and recorded it. It was released in Decmeber that year and had some local play on some local stations, in 2013 I released and acoustic version of the song.

I Stand On My Own

The second album took way less time to write and I was recording it as I was writing it This CD was released in 2008 and we toured this CD extensivly this album ranked number 1 for 3 weeks on CGIQ and Just Drive received local air play. We played many festivals and gigs as we toured this CD.

Live At The Registry

This was a DVD we released, captured live at the I Stand On My Own Cd release party, This featured the band playing live with an additional guitar player, this was shot professionally with multiple camera shots and the audio multi tracked and mastered. Released in 2010.

Cover Songs

This is a project that I am currently working on, it will be a collection of our versions of cover songs that we play.

Nowhere To Go

The third album was written quick and released just as fast, this CD marked the first time I used other musicians in the recording process. In this case I used my live line up for some of the songs Bass and Drum Tracks. This CD was released in 2011.


In 2013 I released 4 songs which were actually recorded for I stand on my own but never made the cut, I revisited them and made some changes and decided that I would release them as 4 songs over 4 weeks on social media, in addition the song were avaiable on my web page.